Our Solutions

Fume8 is a Unique Patented Technology that allows the safe continuous flow delivery of an environmentally sustainable, safe fumigant suitable for broad application across a range of end products.

Fume8 advanced mixing technology is a unique patented technology developed in Western Australia and is the future of sustainable, effective, commercial fumigation.

Fume 8 utilises common non-toxic ethyl formate and nitrogen gas and is safer, cheaper, carbon friendly and highly effective when compared to traditional, highly toxic fumigants currently in extensive use across the globe.

Fast and Effective, Fume8 utilises inert nitrogen gas to activate commercially available and competitively priced, ethyl formate, a natural food grade product, ensuring the rapid eradication of a broad range of pests and safer vaporisation.

Fume8 results in shorter fumigation periods, improved cost efficiencies and better results and is a sustainable, cost-effective method of fumigation that is safe for both end product and operator.

Already proven commercially in some of the world’s most environmentally sensitive areas, Fume8 also provides a world first in transit fumigation solution for clients.