Post Harvest Fruit and Vegetables Fumigation:

  • Ethyl formate already approved for use on dried fruits providing near term opportunity
  • Experienced team will seek to expand regulatory approvals for ethyl formate to other produce and countries
  • Initially target Australia, South Korea and China but relevant to all global markets

Stored Grain On-Farm, Bulk Storage and Pre-Shipment:

  • Cereal grains such as wheat, barley and oilseeds are among Australia‚Äôs largest exports and require fumigating multiple times along the logistics chain.
  • Fumigation bottlenecks are currently costing government, industry and businesses vast sums of money.
  • Many governments internationally, including the Chinese Government, are focusing on regulating food security and safety and are moving away from toxic fumigation methods.
  • Fume8 offers the potential for significant cost savings in terms of time in fumigation to the end user.
  • Governments globally focusing on regulating food security and safety and is moving away from toxic fumigation methods

Global Market:

  • Relevant for use on a global scale
  • Fume8 is a patented system therefore any use of Ethyl Formate for fumigation purposes will be through Fume8 technology.
  • Large bulk grain handlers in Australia spend: A$200m to A$250m annually on fumigation