UBL Completes Trials

UBL completes trials with WA grain container exporter Demeter Cormack and oat miller UniGrain. Following successful trails with the container industry across WA – again the UBL demonstration showcased the safe and reliable alternative to current fumigation methods. UBL’s technology provides a commercial scale solution that safely mixes Ethyl Formate and Nitrogen to precise temperatures and continuous flow mixing volumes. During our trials we have experienced ambient temperatures of 19 degrees.  Our demonstration was able to prove a continuous flow at 55 degrees was achievable in rapid application.

UBL completes its scope changes for the design of the Mk2 unit. During June UBL has consolidated the required design changes that will be the core of our Mk2 unit.  The Mk2 unit due to be released early 2022, will cater for high capacity application – further reducing the time it takes to apply EF & N into 20ft and 40ft containers. The Mk2  improvements will provide significant advantages to high flow container operators  by reducing their current fumigation method holding times to “apply and go to wharf logistics”.

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