Agriculture Quarantine

Farmers struggling to make a profit after biosecurity breach

Trade restrictions throughout Western Australia due to the discovery of tomato potato psyllid continue to hurt farmers, a report by ABC Rural has shown.

The story by Michelle Stanley highlights growers in Carnarvon have been hit hard by the quarantine, which came into force following the discovery of psyllid in WA in February.

An inability to sell their produce, including tomatoes, capsicums and eggplants, interstate has created a glut in the local market, forcing down prices and profitability.

“I’ve spoken to a few [capsicum] growers on the Vietnamese side and they’ve just said they’d never seen these sorts of [low] prices before,” Carnarvon tomato grower Duc Nguyen is quoted as stating in the article.

“They know the produce can’t move, but it’s there, it’s in the ground. They still have to try and get something back out of it.”

Universal Biosecurity Managing Director Simon Andrew said the discovery of tomato potato psyllid highlighted the need for a new, safe and effective biosecurity solution.

“Universal Biosecurity’s unique Fume8 technology provides a safer, more effective fumigation option for produce being brought into Australia,” he said.

“The threat to farmers, to our economy and to our supply of produce from exotic pests is very real – as we have seen in WA this year. We look forward to working with the agricultural industry to mitigate this risk.”

Read the full ABC Rural story here.

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