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Shorpak and UBL explore opportunities, sign fumigation agreement

Established in 2012 Shorpak Pty Ltd has fast become a specialised Quarantine & Logistics service provider for the resources sector providing Quarantine & Logistics services to World leading companies within the Oil and Gas and Mining Industries.

Shorpak and UBL have entered into a Heads of Agreement where UBL has granted Shorpak an option to use and exploit the Fume8 Fumigation Technology for the purpose of fumigating containerised shipments primarily for delivery to Barrow Island which is located offshore in the North of Western Australia along with the Northern Territory.

The initial 12 month agreement contains a Royalty payment component based on revenue generated by exploiting or using Fume8 Fumigation Equipment and includes a Minimum Performance Requirement.

UBL and Shorpak intend to work closely together to generate new fumigation opportunities for the use of ethyl formate fumigation in the containerised fumigation market. with Shorpak now designated as the preferred operator for the fumigation of containerised shipments.

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