World leaders in fumigation technology


Food security and food safety.


Fumigation, simply described, is the establishment of an atmosphere of lethal gas/vapour within a defined space in order to kills pests. If not controlled, insects/pests can cause significant economic loss to food products.

The Problem

Incumbent chemicals used in fumigation are facing significant issues including pest resistance, toxicity to humans, ozone depletion and rising costs. These issues, therefore, are driving the demand for change from the food and agricultural sectors.

Our Solution

Universal Biosecurity is seeking to commercialise a fumigation apparatus/technology designed initially for the delivery of ethyl formate to produce an effective and environmentally friendly fumigant. The fumigation apparatus is also compatible with other liquid fumigants.

The Opportunity

A large bulk grain handler in Australia spends between A$200m to A$250m on fumigation annually. This is one company in one state. The problem described above exists around the world.