Our Technology

Fume8 is a unique technology that allows the safe and effective delivery of ethyl formate and nitrogen gas as a fumigant.

Fume8 utilises inert nitrogen gas from the atmosphere to activate ethyl formate, a naturally occurring food grade product.

Vaporisation is therefore undertaken in a safe manner and to date Fume8 has achieved a rapid eradication of pests, thus requiring shorter fumigation periods.

An additional benefit of this patented technology is its ability to operate with alternative fumigants.

Common fumigants – the need for change

Two of the most widely used fumigants are methyl bromide and phosphine, both of which are highly toxic with increasing reports of pest resistance, putting global biosecurity at risk.

Methyl Bromide
  • A broad spectrum pesticide having non-specific toxicity to a wide range of invertebrates
  • Since 1 January 2005, all uses have been prohibited, other than for certified quarantine and pre-shipment, approved feedstock applications, or approved under critical use exemptions
  • Highly toxic to humans
  • Ozone depleting
  • More than 75% of Australian grain currently treated. Also relied on for fumigation of other commodities
  • Increasing reports of pest resistance of excessive reliance and improper application
  • Highly toxic to humans if exposure occurs
  • High security risk chemical

Why is ethyl formate superior?

  • Toxic to insects that commonly infest stored commodities
  • Non-toxic to humans
  • Breaks down into naturally occurring products and doesn’t leave a residue
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