How It Works

Fumigation is a vital control technique to control pests within the agricultural industry.

Ethyl formate is a non-toxic product that has a demonstrated ability to manage the invasion of pests, particularly those found in stored products including grains and dried fruit.

However, ethyl formate has a relatively low flammability and so a safe method to apply it as a fumigant has been elusive.

Until now.

Universal Biosecurity has developed Fume8 technology, which allows the vaporisation of ethyl formate to be undertaken in a safe manner utilising nitrogen gas from the atmosphere and without the need for a mixing chamber.

Fume8 with ethyl formate is easier to use than most of its competitors and requires little in the way of infrastructure.

The ethyl formate breaks down naturally into formic acid and ethanol, leaving no residues that are distinguishable in type or quantity from chemicals that occur naturally in grains. By comparison, phosphine use can leave phosphide residues if used incorrectly, methyl bromine leaves bromide residues, and dichlorvos leaves organophosphate residues.