UBL signs strategic partner to assist with practical roll out of patented Fume8 technology

Universal Biosecurity Limited (UBL) is pleased to announce that it has appointed RISQ WA as a key strategic partner to assist in the roll out of its patented Fume8 technology.

RISQ WA will provide key support to UBL to enable the company to better service its current and future customers in Western Australia and more broadly.

Fume8 is a Unique Patented Ethyl Formate-based technology that allows the safe continuous delivery of a fumigant which is non-toxic and breaks down naturally in the environment.

Fume8 is proven to be fast and effective, achieving better results than traditional, toxic fumigation methods in a shorter period and has the potential to save customers and end users millions of dollars in time and cost savings annually.

UBL CEO, Tom Puddy, said the strategic partnership with RISQ WA would enable the company to grow its customer base in a shorter time frame and to do so in a regulated, low risk manner.

RISQ WA was established in WA in 2021 and focuses on the regulation and management of fumigation services, including those using Ethyl Formate, and has been approved by WA Health (Pesticide).

RISQ WA founder Timo Streat has broad experience across the pest control, quarantine and Ethyl Formate fumigation process and has held senior roles as a project quarantine inspector, pest controller and specialist Ethyl Formate and Nitrogen fumigator.

Mr Puddy said he welcomed the skills and experience that RISQ WA would bring and looked forward to a partnership that would further facilitate the testing and roll out of its patented fumigation system across numerous supply chains.

“We look forward to better servicing our existing customers and to working with new customers on a national and global scale with RISQ WA providing key technical support that is safety focused and in the best interests of all parties,” he said.

The use of Fume8 technology is part of a domestic and global movement towards sourcing and implementing sustainable, non-toxic alternatives to established processes such as fumigation which has traditionally used methyl bromide and phosphine which are highly toxic and currently banned in more than 175 countries.


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